About me

My name is Vadim. I am from Riga city in Latvia. I was born in 1996. Throughout my childhood I dreamt to becoming an artist. And when I was 11 I took first steps on circus ring in Riga circus group. I did my first solo act with my trainer Irina Levit when I was 13. It was combination of three different genres Hula-hoops, Poi-poi and Diabolo. Overtime time I decided that my main act has to be Hula-hoops. I was spending all my time creating high-quality Hula-hoop act.

After some time I started to work on my second act which was Aerial rope and I did first my aerial act “Secret of the East”. During working on my solo act I took part also in acrobatic group act with name “Egyptian murals”, Duo hula-hoop with my partner Nadezda Levit and also Diabolo duo with Diana Nikulicheva.

In 2016 our circus was closed and I decide to go to Germany in State Ballet School and School for Artist in Berlin. In this three years in school I was learned a lot of new things and changed my aerial act from aerial rope to aerial net but still kept working on my hula-hoop act and made it better and better. In summer 2019 I have finished my education with two act Hula-hoop and Aerial net.

Of course circus isn't the only one thing in which I interested in. I'm interested in every kind of art: such as makeup, dancing, theatre, costumes creation. All this interests help me on the stage and make my performances much better.